The weekly Bug Crawl project started by QAwerk identifies atypical errors in randomly chosen applications.

[EUPRwire, Mon Feb 12 2018] Software testing is a crucial element of the product development cycle, finding and eliminating various errors in the early stages. Addressing these issues early on not only saves time, but saves the developers from receiving negative feedback and bad attitude from the end users.

Most companies pick out one or two well-known testing methods and run through them near the end of the development process. However, the greatest effect is achieved by running various test types in several intervals throughout all project stages.

The problem lies with expertise areas. Not all product creators have experience as software testers, which makes qualitative detection of errors a difficult task. In most cases, users will check the software’s quality after the product has already been released to market, and often find errors which the developers failed to notice and eliminate. Therefore, outsourcing testing services has become the go-to solution for many startups, companies and large enterprises.

QAwerk is a Ukrainian outsourcing company, specializing in software testing on the level of the world’s leading companies. In order to improve their regular QA services, QAwerk have initiated an internal project named Bug Crawl. Every week, a random application is selected, tested, and exhaustively reported on. This enables QAwerk’s testers teams to develop new ways of detecting unusual errors in all possible categories of applications.

At the moment, QAwerk has tested over 100 iOS and Android apps through Bug Crawl, and found more than 250 serious errors. Some of the tested services include:

· 360 Weather (a weather tracker and forecast service),

· VizEat (a social dining platform), and

· ChatAll (a side-by-side conversation translator app).

Some of the problems QAwerk’s testers faced during weekly Bug Crawls are:

· Authorization issues within apps,

· Inability to leave blank fields when filling out forms,

· Sudden app termination,

· Grammatical errors.

What does this mean? Developers didn’t pay adequate attention to testing their apps before releasing them to users. These mistakes mean dropping sales and losing their customers’ confidence.

What to do? Apply the correct approach to software development at the very beginning. Trust the outsourcing company with complete access to your QA processes, and get a third-party view of how your app works on the user end.

Modern testing methods and diversity in approach make QAwerk a reliable partner in exactly such circumstances. Their expert testers identify and remedy any unusual errors, ensuring your product is clean, stable and ready to use.

Company: QAwerk

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