Female Science Fiction Authors Fight for Publishing

From: Palabaristas
Published: Thu Oct 22 2015

Spanish Women of Wonder ("Alucinadas" –"Mind Trappers"- in Spanish), the first collection of science fiction stories written by women in Spanish, has organized a kickstarter to obtain funds to get translated into English, in order to get international exposure.

With the support of experienced editor Ann VanderMeer and celebrated Argentinian science fiction author Angélica Gorodischer, this anthology originally published in Spanish, gathered enormous attention, winning a nomination to the Best Anthology category at the Ignotus Awards (Spain’s equivalent to the Hugo Awards).

Spanish online indie publisher Palabaristas collected more than 200 stories from 12 Spanish-speaking countries through a public contest and editors Cristina Jurado and María Leticia Lara Palomino chose 10 stories, ranging from military science fiction, Clifi (climate change fiction) and weird science fiction to thriller, dystopias or cyberpunk.

-"The Terpsícore" by Teresa P. Mira de Echeverría won the call for submissions thanks to a "quantum science fiction" story, filled with philosophical questions.
- "The Plague" by Felicidad Martínez presents a thrilling militaristic space opera.
- "The Storm" by Laura Ponce explores the effects of alien environment in human destiny through the experiences of two military men.
-"Schiwoll’s method" by Yolanda Espiñeira is a science fiction thriller set in two different time lines.
- "Red Houses" by Nieves Delgado analyzes the meaning of "being human", questioning the essence of our species.
- "Changing seas" by Lola Robles is a transgender space opera, in which an alien society presents a multiplicity of sexual genders.
- "Techt" by Sofía Rhei showcases a semiotic dystopia with a touch of cyberpunk, recalling novels such as Fahrenheit 451 or 1984.
- "Welcome to Croatoan" by Layla Martínez is a story mixing time traveling, weird and horror.
- "Black Isle" by Marian Womack is a CliFi story that analyzes the mutual influence of technology and nature, and its impact on humanity.
- "Team Memory" by Carme Torras is a collective cyberpunk story that shows the use of virtual reality technology for legal purposes.
- "In the light of the chaste electronic light" by Argentinian Angélica Gorodischer, a generous endorsement to our project, uses a very subtle and intelligent humor to question social actuality: from gender and social classes relations and the role of women in society, to patriarchal traditions.

Alucinadas is a road we just started to take. Now we only need for the readers to walk with us, enjoying the outcome of our female authors´ imagination. We hope this will be a prosperous and ever growing initiative that will allow women to claim a much-deserved visibility in the Spanish science fiction field.

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