Logward's free carbon emission tools enable shippers to move beyond CO2 measurement to planning and avoidance.

From: Logward
Published: Wed Jul 28 2021

Logward will offer customers using its software for route planning and procurement the ability to calculate expected carbon emissions, free of charge. This comes not a moment too soon. Despite growing awareness and improving technology, emissions from maritime transport, currently 2-3% of global total according to World Economic Forum, are expected to grow in the coming years.

Why now and how it works

Logward's tools empower shippers to compare estimated emissions for route and transport mode options at the planning stage, while also enabling the measurement of aggregated data for the entire organization retroactively. Logward decided to provide this new capability to its clients for free after their 2020 Supply Chain Data Survey revealed that less than 30% of shippers were aware of their CO2 impact.

The tool considers route (distance), mode, vehicle and fuel type, and more, and relies on "emission factors," which are trade lane specific CO2 estimates based on verified carrier reports to the Clean Cargo Working Group. The calculator is built on the Ecotransit model, a GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council) approved methodology supported by scientists and industry associations like BSR.

At the individual shipment level (below), CO2 Calculation can consider door-to-door, port-to-port, or any combination therein. Based on the shipment details, the mode of transport and vehicles also configure into the breakout for pre, main, and on carriage segments of the shipment. Finally, the carbon footprint will increase or decrease accordingly with the weight.

Customers can not only see the carbon footprint at the individual level but also at an aggregated organizational level. In the CO2 Dashboard, shippers get an overview of their shipments and corresponding carbon footprint with the ability to drill down based on several filters including time, carrier, forwarder, geography, and more. This permits shippers to take their CO2 considerations and turn them into strategy decisions.

Integrating this feature with the shipment planning phase comes on the heels of publicly releasing a freebie on the company website, which allow users to calculate carbon output on an ad-hoc basis. Users not only receive a raw total in tons, but also a detailed report for each leg of the shipment including type of emissions and distance.

Together, these features represent Logward's first contributions toward tackling the generational challenge of reducing the environmental impact of shipping. In the coming years, the hope is that further improvements to visibility and predictive capabilities will catalyze a shift toward more sustainable supply chain practices.

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