From: Social Ikon
Published: Tue Mar 29 2022

A new platform, Social Ikon, has launched to offer creators from the world of modelling, reality and fitness a home where they can securely publish content and maximise their revenues. Social Ikon's goal is to create a community for creators, a safe place where they can post and engage with their followers, as well as meet and interact with other creators.

Social Ikon was created from a vision to build a premium, state of the art social platform with multiple features to help content creators earn the maximum potential from their content. Recognising that there was not a single platform on the market offering every feature needed to support creators earning from their content, therefore Social Ikon was born.

Unlike other platforms, Social Ikon offers multiple features within one individual platform. Just some of these include; HD quality imagery, a newsfeed so fans can login and instantly see everything their favourite creators have been up to, and a gallery so fans can browse and subscribe to creators. Social Ikon also offers 'same day fast pay-outs, and unlike other competitors the brand will pay their creators directly in cash, and not via virtual tokens or gems on the platform. As well as this, Social Ikon will be introducing a unique 'country blocking' feature, where creators can block certain countries from seeing them on the platform meaning they can remain anonymous at home should they wish to be.

Alexis Cregan, Founder of Social Ikon: "I am delighted to see my vision for Social Ikon come to life. I am proud that we have developed and built an exceptional platform which not only has an excellent user experience but also offers incredible features some of which are unique to Social Ikon, and many more yet to be announced in the coming weeks, and not a single one of our competitors offers all of these together in the same place on one platform. Social Ikon has invested heavily to build one of the best social platforms on the market. I have also made sure I recruited the right team to deliver a great service and support for the creators. We have a very exciting year ahead of us, we have huge plans - watch this space"
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